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We are Unodata. .

We help companies get more secure data and email

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Have your files in the cloud and access wherever you want, with the best technical support to protect your data

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Ideal platform for the corporate market, fighting threats so they do not arrive in your email box

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Availability, productivity, and security, all geared to better meet your business needs

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Unodata Customers


Millions of Protected Messages per Month


Thousand Threatened Threats per Day


One thousand accounts protected by Unodata


Satisfied Customers and Insurance

Our Priority


Data encryption is done both in copy traffic and at rest, ensuring that your data is only viewed by you.
Retention rules based on sensitive content and secure transmission of sensitive information.

Our solution can be used in Windows, Linux, MAC desktop environments. Microsoft and Linux servers. Virtualized environments like VMWARE, HyperV, Virtuozzo, both in hypervisor protection and in virtual machines.

Unodata offers a database of urls suspicious URLs that is queried with each new incoming message. If there is a reference to any of these links in the body of the email, the message is barred.

Your company in good hands

Certified Professionals

Professionals certified to deliver the best quality of service possible.

Specialized Service

A complete team prepared to meet your specific needs.

Tecnologia de Ponta

Contamos com uma das melhores linhas de softwares e sistemas para prover qualidade na proteção dos seus dados.

Security Reference

Unodata has 15 years of services provided, always offering the best for the clientne.